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Bright Unole

 Name: Earlynda La-Kei Riley
Nickname: Bright Unole
Age: 13
Height: 5’1
Weight: 120
Martial: None
Weapon: None
Nationality: Native America/Irish
Element: Air

Personality: Bright is a very introverted individual. She is gifted and intelligent, but rarely voices her opinion and stays in the dark. She is nervous around new people and stays as far out of the center of attention as possible. She would prefer to remain invisible, even at home.

She is a kind and giving person with a trusting nature. She does anything and everything she can for a person, even if she ends up getting in trouble. This has caused her to be taken advantage of emotionally and financially when she’s had money. She also has a habit of trusting people again after they have used her.

Her innocent demeanor makes her naive and slow to catch on most of the time. She takes most jokes seriously and will panic depending on what the joke was. She is almost incapable of lying, and is a very easy tell. If she’s caught or feels to guilty she’ll end up crying and begging for forgiveness.

All in all she is sweet, innocent, and afraid of most things. If she had her way, she’d turn invisible and wonder the world in silence. If she could spend the rest of her life sitting in a garden and watching butterflies she would.

Bio: Born Earlynda Riley, her mother was a young teen and father an illegal immigrant. Her grandfather had her father deported and tricked her mother into signing over custody to him. She spent most of her young life raised to hate and distrust her mother and all of her family. She was also raised as a slave and kept from the outside world.

She developed large number of mental problems after her grandfather went her to live with her grandmother at seven. To keep her from rebelling against him, her grandfather convinced her she had been abused and would threaten to send her back if she misbehaved. Shortly after she began to have auditory and visual hallucinations. Rather than seek help for her problems, she was homeschooled and moved around the country to avoid being taken away.

Ending up in Arkansas, she tried to make friends with local kids her age. Since she was always done with her school work the day before, she volunteered to work in the school library. There she met Michael, Tony, and eventually her older sister Flame. She pretends to not have any friends to avoid having to move again.

Description: Bright is a short and very pale skinned girl. She keeps her light brown hair cut in a pixie style, not allowed to grow it out. Her build is very ambiguous, often taking a second look to see if she is male or female. Her facial features resemble those of a pixie, which is where she got her nickname from. She has vanilla colored eyes.

Currently she is wearing pink denim capri pants, a white sleeveless button shirt, and ballet style sandals.

Ch. 2 Oasis in the Fire

Chapter Two

Oasis in the Fire

His head tried to break the surface of the water, only to have more rush past him and try to bring him under. His frantically scooped at the water in an attempt to at least doggie paddle to safety. He could feel something wrapped around his ankle and trying to pull him under. His blue eyes once against disappeared and blended into the blue of the ocean, a hand barely visible as his fingertips finally sunk down. His small body began floating lower and lower, bubbles escaping past his lips as he tried to retain as much air as possible. His eyes were trying to close as another large bubble escaped, barely catching the glimpse of a woman’s face forming in the water. He shook his head to try again for a swim to the surface and looked up to see an almost transparent hand reaching for him. Not knowing any better, he reached for it and took hold as the face revealed a very kind looking woman. In an instant he was jerked to the surface. Water was forced into his lungs from the shock and he could barely see the shoreline. As his vision began to turn black, he could hear the terrified scream of his stepmon and the whistle to call a life guard.

Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest it echoed in her ears. Breath was heavy and coming out quickly in fear and exhaustion. Her hands were in front of her and moving thick jungle foliage from her line of sight. Her feet came to a halt at the edge of a cliff, brushing some small rubble over the edge. Looking back, a loud shriek filled her ears and there was a glint from eight dark eyes. She back flipped off the edge of the cliff and into the tree tops below. With the blink of her eyes, she was now landing into a haystack in the back of a cart, surrounded by European buildings. Jumping from the haystack she now stood on the deck of a ship in the pouring rain, pulling hard on a rope to steady the sail. She looked back to see a large shadowy figure standing over her and reaching down. The positions changed and she was in the middle of a battle field with a wounded revolutionary French soldier reaching up for her. Looking up she now saw herself in the mirror but not recognizing herself. She looked to the side and was now flying over her bike handles and right into a stop sign, falling limp on the ground as blood began to pool around her head. Her vision blurred and went black as she lost consciousness.

Mike gasped for air as he woke up, waiving his arms around him like he was trying to swim. Realizing quickly he wasn’t drowning anymore he let out a sigh and rested his forehead against something soft.
“… Get the hell off of me!” Flame yelled and began bucking to get him off.
She’d woken up a few minutes before him, already broken out in a cold sweat. She had the weirdest dream followed by a very real memory that caused the side of her head to hurt again.
“Calm yourself woman!” Mike retorted, rolling off her and sitting up. Rubbing the back of his neck where he’d been struck by the lightening, he squinted to see.
Flame sat up after him, rubbing her face and staring wide eyed. The ground around them was cracked like an empty riverbed and stretched on until they met tall cracked walls. It looked like the craters of Mars they always saw in astronomy class. Everything was a clay red color and chipping away from the immense heat and dry air. The sky was half bright white and melted into a dark purple the further down the horizon she looked. Even the air had a slight orange redish tint to it.

Kansas?” he commented.
“…Mojave. Maybe Mars.” she muttered and slowly stood.

Michael Angelo Davidson

 Name: Michael Angelo Davidson
Nickname: Mike
Age: 16
Height: 6′
Weight: 189
Martial: British boxing, savate
Weapon: Dual battle axes
Nationality: British
Element: Water
Personality: The best way to describe Mike is a self hidden genius. It’s not that he’s trying to hide his intellect, but doesn’t care about it. He would rather surf or play bass than spend his time working on math equations. However when it’s needed, he will show his brilliance.

He’s anything but shy, always going out of his way to show off to anyone that will pay attentions. With his light British accent he’s become quite the ladies man, often hitting on older women for fun more than anything. He’s naturally charismatic, always has a smile on his face, and is up for a good time above all else.

The things most important to him are his family and friends. He’d do anything to make sure they’re safe and happy, even going as far to injure himself in the process. He takes matters with them very serious, and sometimes to violent levels if called for.

With his fighting skills he knows he has to be careful not to hurt anyone accidentally. It makes him alert of everything going on around him, even if it doesn’t look like he’s paying attention. And at the drop of a hat, can hit his action switch.

Bio: His name was originally an inside joke between his parents and was never seriously thought of. However when his mother died during child birth, his father chose the name to keep his mother alive in some way. He was born of British parents in Liverpool England where he remained for five years before transferring to a private school in the Romania mountains.

In the eight years he spent there he learned boxing and savate, and excelled to the top of the school. By thirteen, he graduated with high honors and scholarships to several colleges around the world. With only spending three months out of each year with his family, he chose to move to America with his father, step-mother, and new baby brother.

In less than a month of being in America, he and his family moved to the Southern states where is step mother was from, where he met his new friends and chose to attend public school for social reasons. By the time he was fifteen he had dated almost every girl of similar age for at least a week. He continued with boxing, earning a state championship before quitting the competitive circuit to spend more time with his new friends.

Description: Mike has short blond surfer styled hair, has sky blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He keeps in shape through swimming and his boxing classes and maintains an athletic build. He is considered a very attractive boy and has a natural charisma.

He is currently wearing dark blue jeans, red short sleeve T-shirt, white sneakers, red baseball cap, and an open baseball jersey that reaches his ankles.

Ch. 1 Fireworks

Chapter One


The large pillars began to crack and crumble causing the walls to shake and ceiling to fall. Large stone chunks rained down over the group, threatening to crush them as they ran. The portal in the wall was slowly closing, Arren barely keeping it open. Bright made it first, jumping through and disappearing. Another few minutes and Tony followed. Mike and Flame were still farther behind, exhausted and about to faint. A large piece of rubble fell between them, separating Flame from the exit. Before Mike could turn to help, Arren wrapped his arm around the boy’s waist and flung him through the portal. With regret, he stepped through and prayed their friend would make it before it was too late. They had no way of knowing the force of the rubble hitting the floor threw Flame off balance, causing her to fall and smack her head against a broken pillar. She twitched and convulsed on the floor, a pool of thick and bright red blood forming under her. With a flutter, her eyes closed.

The warm spring breeze blew past his face, vibrant ocean blue eyes focusing on the finishing line ahead. A hand lifted and swept sweat soaked blond hair from his eyes. With cleared vision, the track runner turned his head to eye his opponent. He could tell the tanned girl running beside him was nearly out of steam. They’d both been running for at least thirty minutes. The ponytail that kept her dark brown hair in place was slowly slipping off, and with a few more pounding steps hit the track would be on the ground.

With a blink of his eyes, he now met her dark brown gaze. A mirror image smirk formed on each of their lips and eyes were focused ahead once more. They’re target was only a few more steps. It would be a photo finish. As they made their final leaping steps forward the yellow ribbon being held by two bystanders was broken. The blond wasted no time in dropping his hands to his knees, trying to keep from collapsing. However his friend had no such luck, her body seemingly shutting down once she crossed the finish line.

Oi Flame, need a hand?” a heavy British accent came from the male runner as he drug his feet to aid his fallen friend.

“I need a physician… other than the school nurse. She’s not hot.” Flame grunted in a failed attempt to roll off her stomach.

Rolling his eyes, the blond finally made his way to his friend. Stopping with the tip of his shoes a few inches from the side of her head. Slowly he reached out with his foot and gently poked the top of her head. It caused the girl to flail her arms out in front of her and hiss, commanding him to stop touching her. This continued for a few more pokes until a warning bell sounded for the students.

“Look. some of us aren’t home schooled and actually need to get to class on time. So do you want my help or not.” he reached out, tapping his foot impatiently.



“Go touch a mongoose.”

In a dramatic gasp and head shake, he threw an arm over his eyes and pretended to sob as he ran for

Hola! Yo soy queso!

I finally did it! Finally started a blog thingymabobber to record things that probably only a handful of people care about! Wow, that sounded oodles more depressing than I thought it would. Well…wasn’t expecting that. Ahem. Yes. Alright so if you’re still reading this you either think I’m funny, know me personally, or you really have nothing to do and figure this’ll kill some time until something far more interesting comes along. No matter the case, here’s some interesting facts about me to get started.

Name: Flame O’Riley

Birthname: FaeRuenShin (Fay-Rune-Shin)

Birthday: February 14th (The day was really created in my honor. Like, for real)

Age: Over 600 and I dare you to convince me otherwise.

Height: 5’11

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Way to many different jobs.

Favorite location: South American Amazon

Favorite Language: French

Favorite Beverage: Pineapple wine with white tea mix.

Favorite Food: I’ll get back to this.

Personal Goal: Finishing my book, making it big, getting married, having kids, and retiring in Hawaii.

Now that we have all that out of the way, I will explain a little more about myself. I’m just an odd person. I enjoy odd things, I’ve had odd experiences, and know even odder people. I’ve traveled all around the world, learned most languages it has to offer, seen it’s sights and still yearn form more. My thirst for knowledge is endless. If I can’t know everything the world has to offer, then I’d like to at least know about it all. I’m a child of nature and defender of man. I have loved countless men in my years, and carry them all in my heart. Right now I’m in love with a fantastic man who maybe someday will be my husband. And if not, then let the search continue. I hope you’ll join me as I share my life with you.

You might have noticed I said “I am cheese” in my subject. This is an inside joke from when me and my class went to France. I love cheese. Always have and will, but I’m slightly allergic to the process it takes to make it. I still eat it. During our trip to France I ate and bought several pounds of cheese. Someone mentioned “I bet if France made pants of cheese, you would buy and eat them while wearing them.” which started me saying ‘My pants are of cheese’. As a failed translation, I began saying ‘Yo soy queso!’ whenever someone said I was eating to much of it. And it has stuck ever since.

One last thing before you decide to stay or go. My father told me something very simple when I was young. I hope it stays with you as it has me. “Everyone has the right to be. Everyone has the right to love and be loved. And everyone has the right to die.”

My beliefs

My beliefs are simply complicated. I believe in the Christian God. I believe that Jesus was sent to die on the cross for my sins, and that by believing in Him I will be sent to heaven and live in the after when I die. I believe that just as God loves each and everyone of us, we should love each other. In this however, I don’t think I should like everyone. I believe that although God does love all of us, He does not like everything we do. So I have made it my goal to love everyone in this world, but I don’t have to like them or what they do. As I don’t hate, I dislike. And as of right now, there is only one person on this planet that I care nothing for. I do not love, hate, like, or dislike them. I have no emotion towards them, and would not notice if they did not exist.

I believe that being a good person will not get you into heaven. I believe that most of my friends will be sent to hell because they do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. This does not make me love them any less. I offer to share the word with them, and if they say they’re good without it, I drop it. I do not believe in forcing God’s word on anyone. If someone wants to learn, they will. If they don’t, they won’t.

I believe that prayer is different for everyone. My prayer is all day every day. I am almost always talking with God. I don’t think that God cares if I’m at my bedside when I pray. I think He wants us all to speak with Him as we would our earthly father. I also think that it’s better to pray in your own words than to use a pre-written prayer.

I believe that no one is perfect. Jesus was the only perfect being to walk the earth. I am flawed, and I accept this. I try, but I will fall as I am human. In accepting this, we can begin to accept all things.

I do not believe in multiple gods. I believe in THE God. At one time there might have been powerful beings that were admired and mistaken as gods, and demons posing as gods to steer man away from God. However I do not think there is a group of several gods. In my heart and mind there is only one true God, and He is who I pray to.

These are my basic beliefs. Later I will go into more detail. But for now, this is good enough. Please leave comments and let me know if yours are similar or completely different. But remember, I am entitled to believe in my own way. I do not wish to be converted, and do not wish to convert anyone. I do wish to teach though.

Christmas prayer

I find myself crying most this time of the year, Christmas day especially. This day has become more and more about presents than the greatest sacrifice made. It’s at this time I cry for the death of Christ. Not in sorrow, but in thanks and appreciation. Remembering what He went through so that we may have ever lasting life. That we might spend the after in heaven, enjoying the glory of God for eternity.


I thank God for the sacrifice that was made to an unworthy people. I thank God for His many blessings that He has granted me. I thank God for the life He gave me to live for Him. I thank God for the love that will always be there. And most of all I thank God for His forgiveness.

I ask forgiveness for all the wrongs I have committed. I ask forgiveness for the times I have cursed. The times I have had impure or evil thoughts. Forgive me and continue to love me as You always have.

I ask that You bless all those close to me. I ask You bless all those far from me. Bless those that hate me. Bless those that I have not met. Bless all others before me. Keep them safe, and may they find Your love as I have. May my enemies hearts be filled with Your light and warmth. May my family continue to feel Your light and warmth. May is guide us all.

Please help and guide me to do what is right. Take what I don’t need and make me work for what I do. Lead me down the broken path that leads to Your kingdom. Let me not travel down the smooth path of lies, deception, and misdeeds. Let me burdened so that I may understand. Have me suffer in place of those I care for.

Thank You for all You have done and will continue to do. For sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. Amen.

Dear Mother…

Many years ago, Eveline Ardelean was married to a man named Shin. One year to the day she gave birth to an only child, a girl. Her desire was to name her daughter Esmiralda Flamorisa. This child was instead named FaeRuenShin. This is the story of her daughter, starting with one of the more important factors of her life. The first few years in which her mother was her protector, and abuser

Eveline was born to a half Irish half Romanian gypse named Daciana Cojocaru. At some point in her life she met and soon married a former Italian nobleman named Agostino Veneziano. The exact reason he fled from Italy is not known. After many years of marriage, they were blessed with a child. Eveline was born on April 15th, the exact middle of Spring according to Celtic tradition. She had her mother’s green eyes and her father’s dark brown hair. When she turned five, she chose the surname ‘Ardelean’ because she thought it sounded pretty.

Eveline was a very short woman. She stood at exactly five feet, had pale white skin, green eyes, and dark brown curly hair. She was well known for her feminine and curvy figure. She was a very loving and kind person, devout to her religion and family. She was a botanist, amateur doctor, wife, and eventual mother. She died February 15th 2011, the day after her daughter’s birthday and two days after her husband.

During her life she was known to lie face down in the dirt, talking with nature. She loved singing, and would talk to plants more than she would people. When asked why, she said ‘God is talking through the wind and the leafs catch His words. They whisper to me what He says, and I send messages back to Him.’ She still attended church services, but refused Catholicism. Her parents were able to convince her to keep her views to herself, and no harm came to her by fellow villagers. By the age of eight, she was a skilled self taught botanist and acted as the doctor of the village.

At age ten she found a teenager sexually torturing an animal in the forest she got most of her herbs. She beat him to death with a mace she carried for protection against aggressive animals. Several hours later she returned home after turning herself in to the local authorities. When questioned what happened to the animal (revealed to be caught rabbit), she informed them she performed a mercy killing and buried it by the river. The remains of the teen were found after being mostly eaten by wolves and a bear. No charges were pressed against Eveline. She spent sixteen days fasting and locked in her family’s barn. She punished herself one day for every year the teen was. She later told her father she mourned the loss of her innocence, not the life she had taken. She hoped God would forgive her, and watch over the rabbit’s soul.

Agostino taught Eveline how to fight like a man, and defend herself against them. He also taught her how to properly wield a mace. By her early teens she was respected and feared in her village. She only used lethal force against anyone who brought harm to another, and continued to be the village medic.

At fourteen Eveline left her village to travel the world. Her travels brought her to Spain a year later. There she made many friends, opened a floral shop, and met her future husband. Two weeks after meeting they entered a serious relationship, and one month afterwords married.

After her marriage she began to notice her father in-law taking a close interest in her. While closing her shop permanently so she may life and travel with her husband, her father in-law physically attacked her. She escaped with no injury by incapacitating him with one of her many herbal powders. She told no one until she became pregnant and met her mother in-law.

When my grandmother died, she left me a box of letters. In this box was a sixteen page letter detailing their entire conversation. She told my mother that my grandfather was an evil man. He was so bent on revenge he’d hurt anyone to get it. He was perverse, cunning, and cruel. My father couldn’t or wouldn’t see it, so it was up to her to protect what she carried inside of her. She said that I would be born like him if she didn’t do anything to prevent it.

Eveline went into labor on February 13th at 10:00 pm while aboard Shin’s ship. They dropped anchor on the shore of an Island that had been in his family’s for centuries. While venturing through the jungle to reach the family estate, she began giving birth at 11:45 pm. One February 14th at 12:01 am, her daughter was born while her husband acted as midwife. Eveline became unresponsive, stopped breathing, and didn’t move for exactly five minutes. When her husband went to close her eyes, she began breathing again and asked to hold her daughter. Her eyes changed from emerald to a dark green. He refused, and continued to his family’s estate.

Later that morning a fight ensued between husband and wife. He told her she was never to leave the house again, and she would nit be leaving the island ever. He left his only daughter with a woman he no longer recognized.

Modern doctors would say that Eveline most likely suffered from a form of postpartum psychosis, a possible inability to recognize her own child, and even a form of dissociative identity disorder. Her husband and grandmother had a much different explanation. They both believed that Eveline passed on her spirit to her daughter in childbirth, hoping whatever kindness she had in her would be given to her daughter. In doing so she sacrificed being able to hold, love, or even speak to her child. During the time she remained unresponsive, they both believed Eveline’s body became possessed by an evil entity that would interact with the child since she could not. I found evidence of both in letters written to me by my mother. She apologizes for hurting me and explains she could only stand back and watch as a monster tried to kill me. She begs for my forgiveness, and prays she was able to give me enough goodness to survive.

For three years Eveline, or this evil entity, physically and mentally tortured her daughter. The only pause in abuse came when her husband would return from his business travels. She silenced her daughter by telling her she’d kill Shin in front of her if she told anyone. The threat worked and FaeRuenShin suffered in silence. The abuse reached it’s climax when Eveline attempted to poison her daughter with opium. While her daughter recovered in her room, Shin and Eveline had an explosive argument downstairs. I came to find out later that my father had known about the abuse all along, but had no choice but to leave me with my mother.

This near death incident was not the reason for removing me from my mother’s care. In her final letter she wrote to me, she explained it was the only way she knew to save me. My grandfather had been visiting the estate regularly, despite my father threatening his life. The night my mother truly tried to kill me, he waited until my father left to chop wood to calm his nerves. My mother was busy packing things in my playroom, and didn’t notice my grandfather sneaking in. That night he had planned to begin molesting his three year old granddaughter.

It was a memory I had blocked out until a few years ago. I remember waking up and seeing him in my room. Something told me he wasn’t suppose to be there and I screamed as loud as I could. I continued to scream as he tried to climb into my bed. I remember my mom began beating him with a wooden club before he had a chance to do anything to me. I was terrified. I didn’t realize at the time she was saving me. I begged her not to beat me after she was finished with him. She screamed at me to go downstairs and then yelled for my father. I ran down the stairs and into the parlor, falling asleep in my father’s chair and holding onto the family bible. I woke up on his ship the next morning, heading for the mainland of South America.

I don’t hate my mother. I don’t dislike my mother. I honor and cherish her. Yes, she abused me. Yes, she tried to kill me. Yes, she loved me in her own way. No amount of hate I could ever harbor towards her would be worse than the feelings she described in her unmailed letters. I could never imagine what it would be like to stare out the looking glass of your own eyes, seeing yourself hurt someone you love so deeply, and not be able to do anything about it. Maybe she was mentally ill, maybe something evil did take her body so that she could make me the person I am today. Whatever you want to believe it doesn’t matter. This woman gave birth to a child that she would have done anything to save, and when she had to she finally became her protector. She spent the later years of her life in self imposed isolation in the Romanian mountains. Seeing her husband only once a year, and only seeing pictures and videos of her daughter. She felt her husband’s death, and died two days later of a broken heart. My only regret is that I will never have the chance to tell her I love her. Despite everything I respect her. I’ve forgiven her.

She was born Eveline Veneziano, she chose to become Eveline Ardelean, and she died Eveline Flamorisa. Daughter, wife, and mother. May she have found her way to heaven, so that I might be with her in the after. If her I spy from across the gorge, a tear I will not shed. It will have been her own unforgiven sin that banished her, and I will live on in the after, carrying her spirit inside me.

Most people that I’ve told about my mother have said that it’s just superstition that made my grandmother and father believe that something evil possessed my mother. I’m often mocked and made fun of when I tell them I believe it as well. All I tell them is this. If they were a child of any age, what would be better to believe. That their parent loved them so much that they chose to give them all the kindness inside them, making them susceptible to an evil entity possessing them and unable to control their actions, or that giving birth to them drove them insane. Insane enough to try and kill their own child. I live with the memory that my mother did what was best for me, and could not control herself because believing the other is not living at all.

Origins of the Flame

Recently I’ve been feeling the need to share what makes me, me. All the different factors both environmental and genetic. I’ll start with the beginning. My mother, father, grandparents, what I know about my family, people I’ve loved, experiences, and finally where I hope my future takes me. Please know that everything I post is not to gain sympathy. I have accepted these things about myself, good and bad. I share them so that maybe my experiences may help others. I don’t seek attention in any shape or form.

My first note will be what I know about my mother. If you have any negative comments, please keep them to yourself.